What Promoter Book Is All About?



Promoter Book is a website/application that connect promotional marketing team with event providers. We were mostly specialized in promotions across Spanish-speaking countries but we are expanding nowadays, hence why this website is now written in English. As of now, we have not yet written any event but we are going to add one by one (event) when we have the time and when we have the partner.


Join The Team:

As we expand bit by bit, you will be able to see which events are being held in certain countries, and at that time you should be able to see their phone numbers and email address. At the same time, if you are an event promoter, you can find potential advertisers and marketers on this website so you can contact them easily. You can also contact us directly, as we can find potential promoters for your event, even if these promoters are not listed yet on this website.


How if it’s international agency?

If you are part of international event creator or event promoter, sometimes it might be hard to travel to different countries just for the sake of meeting them. If you are truly in need to travel to the country of people you want to meet up, maybe you need some good selections of backpacks and some good coffee too, where you can easily find on Renfels. However, I don’t really recommend you to just go to different countries, it’s always better to set up a teleconference through skype or anything like that, before you even think about meeting up in different countries.


Things to Expect:

We do not take any personal responsibility. While we like to try as best as we can to be very selective, but we are not gods. We might do something wrong with our list and therefore you must be very cautious when it comes to meeting up these people. Just imagine if you are in AirBnB or Uber, not all owners or drivers there are good people, but you get the idea that the best drivers/owners there are most likely t o be very professional. It’s the same here, at Promoter Book, it’s most likely you will not be scammed or find disappointing people if you click on the number 1-3 list. We will try our best to minimize your risk and always update everything as much as we can.


List Of Event Promoters In Asia: will be updated later
List Of Event Promoters In South America: Paraguay – Introduction | will be updated later
List Of Event Promoters In Caribbean: will be updated later
List Of Event Promoters In North America: will be updated somewhere later
List Of Event Promoters In Europe: will be updated when we have the time
List Of Event Promoters In Africa: I will personally update it later


List Of Advertisers: Also, I will update it in a month


You may want to check our social pages (facebook, google plus, and twitter) in order to receive new updates for our promoters list. We all love to parties and attend new kinds of events and I believe you do too.